Capucine De Wulf Bohémienne Double Bliss Drops

Ships in 2-3 business days.

2.25 inches, Rutilated Quartz, 18K Gold Plated Sterling

These stunning statement pieces are all Rock & Roll royalty. Doubly blissful, mysterious, regal, these earrings will swing rhythmically on your ears in step with your cha cha cha! You can’t help but feel a bit emboldened when you wear these. From our Bohémienne collection, the Bliss design was named after my middle daughter who never ceases to surprise us with her endless creativity, adventurous endeavors and beautiful heart.

About Rutilated Quartz – Natural, marvelous, unpredictable and wildly intriguing, every Rutilated Quartz stone is totally unique filled with gold fibers that look like the trails of shooting stars. We select only the finest stones. Only the best for you, Darling!

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