Hazen & Co. Rose Pearl Bracelet

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In photo, the bracelets show on either side of the center, Larger bracelet, are the Hazen & Co. Rose Pearl Bracelet. To complete this entire look, shop the center brace, Hazen & Co. Providence Bracelet here: https://smithsofdublin.com/products/hazen-providence-large-bracelet-rose-quartz?_pos=2&_sid=aa579f0cf&_ss=r&variant=31677340516441


About Hazen

Designer Taylor Miller discovered her love for jewelry design and creation at an early age.  After being introduced to the art at the age of nine, Taylor eagerly developed her own unique design style and dove into the design world after repurposing her grandmother’s costume jewelry as new creations. Within six months of beginning to make jewelry, she held her first trunk show at the acclaimed store Oxford Floral in Oxford, Mississippi and was named the Mississippi Museum of Art’s young artist of the year (2002).

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