JingleNog Eunice Ornament

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The Eunice Story

Eunice lives somewhere over the rainbow.
Where this unicorn travels a halo of hope follows.
Eunice glows in a radiant pure light.
shining blissfully, brilliant and bright,
 through cotton candy clouds and starry nights,
always prancing between once upon a time and eternity,
while igniting hopes and sprinkling charity for all posterity.
Eunice embodies all our hopes and dreams.
Everything is possible if you only try and believe.
Look to the sky and find the highest twinkling star,
that is where Eunice watches over you from afar.
  • Holiday Decor Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Unicorn Ornament
  • Red Flower Patterned White Unicorn with Red Glitter Saddle and Crystals
  • Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration Trimmed with Czech Crystals and Gold Tassel
  • 6.5″
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