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3MM Open Band Bracelet 0.08CT 14KT Gold & Sterling Sliver

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Embark on a journey where elegance meets remarkable craftsmanship with VAHAN Jewelry—a testament to artistry and a beacon of American ingenuity. Established in 1968 by the visionary and classically trained French Designer, Sacha Der Calousdian, VAHAN has since evolved from a humble, one-man operation in a Manhattan-based studio into a prestigious, family-run brand that sets the standard for luxury American-made jewelry.

Each piece of VAHAN jewelry begins its life as a hand-drawn sketch, meticulously crafted and brought to life in the USA. This dedication to quality and detail ensures that every item is not just a piece of jewelry, but a work of art that speaks volumes of its wearer's sophistication and flair.

VAHAN is renowned for its exquisite bracelets—each design polished and timeless, offering a glimpse into a world of eternal elegance. The jewelry is a masterful fusion of brilliant 14 karat gold and sterling silver, delicately accented with diamonds, semi-precious stones, and pearls, making each piece a statement of luxury.

The hallmark of VAHAN's designs lies in our trademark gold crown petals and the uniquely textured Moiré Beaded® bracelet bands, ensuring that each piece is instantly recognizable and a conversation starter. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, VAHAN bracelets boast a patented hidden clasp and are ingeniously oval-shaped to maintain their aesthetic orientation, ensuring the jewel's splendor is always in full view.

Prioritizing comfort without compromising style, the bracelets are crafted to be flat on the inside, flexible yet resilient, embodying the perfect marriage of elegance and wearability. With a limited lifetime warranty on the bands, each piece is not only an accessory but a lifelong companion.

VAHAN is committed to ethical sourcing, with every diamond chosen for its superior SI1-SI2 clarity and G-H color, each meticulously mounted in 14 karat gold to ensure unparalleled brilliance and quality.

Owning a piece of VAHAN jewelry is more than just a statement of taste—it's an experience, an heirloom, and a centerpiece that draws admiration and intrigue. It's the perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life, or a splendid treat to oneself, symbolizing not just success, but the very essence of beauty and craftsmanship. Let VAHAN be the expression of your most discerning and exquisite taste, where each piece is not merely worn but celebrated.


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