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Acrylic Blue and Green Christmas Trees

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The Fig & Dove Painted Acrylic Christmas Trees by Jessica O'Neill are a beautiful addition to tabletop holiday décor and make a wonderful gift during the Christmas season. Available in both 16” and 22” heights, the trees consist of two 3/16” acrylic pieces, each printed with O’Neill’s artwork, that slide together to create a 360-degree art display.

O’Neill’s art features abstract doves, a worldwide symbol of peace and hope, and the inspiration behind the Fig & Dove brand. From one angle of the painted Acrylic Christmas Tree, two of the abstract doves are positioned to face each other, creating a pair of turtle doves, a symbol of the Christmas season! The art on the smaller painted tree differs slightly from the large one, allowing the two trees to stand individually or as a coordinating pair.  

Details to Note

  • 16" tree measure 16" from top to bottom and approximately 13" at the widest width
  • 22" tree measure 22" from top to bottom and approximately 16" at the widest width
  • Two 3/16" thick acrylic pieces that slide together in the center.


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