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JingleNog Dazzle Drop

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The Dazzle Drop Story

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

This holiday ornament is filled love and cheer!

We hope everyone is sparkling with the holiday spirit,

and the season is brimming with glee for the old and the wee,

all making good times and memories by the lights of the tree.

We hope you are blessed health and peace from above,

each day warmly lit with merriment, carols and doves,

brightly reflected in the hearts and eyes of your loves.

May the holidays be more than you ever dreamt of.

May God grant your wishes and fill Santa’s ear.

We hope family and all you hold dear,

will be near to celebrate you this year.

So here’s to your holidays brimming with plenty of cheer,

to sounds on the rooftop and the sighting of reindeer,

we look forward to this same time next year!

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