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Herend Reserve Stag with Flower Garland

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An ethereal glow through the dense forest entices and, as the vision gets closer, a wondrous stag steps forward. Is it an illusion or a Midsummer Night?s Dream? Appearing as if dressed by fairies for a most unusual party, the stag?s shimmering floral garland and antlers plus a burnished coat reflecting a colorful forest scenery overwhelm the eyes. As the stag beckons to follow, to what fascinating sights will this luminous guide introduce us?

Limited edition quantity. Herend only produced 150 of this exquisite Reserve piece.

Smith's secured item 17/150.

9in L X 4.25in W X 9.75in H

About Herend

Queen Victoria dined on it, and Princess Diana delighted to it in her annual Christmas stocking. Now it’s time to savor a special Herend experience of your own.

In the 1870s Herend added meticulously-crafted figurines to its creations. Folk figurines commanded center stage until demand for Herend’s animal figurines gradually grew in the1930s. Herend’s trademark fishnet design – which is most popular in the U.S. -- originated in 1874 when an artist intrigued with a Chinese plate’s fish scale design painted it onto a rooster figurine’s breast to imitate feathers.


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