JingleNog Golden Heart Ornament

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The Golden Heart Story

Golden Heart pure and true,

You will always be, a cherished part of life for me.

Words are in the way, leaving me only able to say,

where you are is where I stay.

I want to let you know,

what I hope my deeds have shown,

I do wholly and deeply care,

and our futures I want to share.

So please accept this gift in lieu of words,

for none I have seen, thought or heard,

best express the way I feel.

To you I kneel, with a heart open and full from knowing you,

ready for life’s Ferris wheel, and our wedding bells to peel.

I do. I do.

 I do love you!

  • Hand Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
  • Handcrafted Sterling Silver Lined Mouth Blown Glass Heart Ornament
  • Special First Christmas Keepsake Engagement Heart Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration
  • Unique Limited Edition Collectible Hand Painted White Love Birds Heart Ornament
  • 3.5″
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