JingleNog Presently Clover Ornament

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This item is included in our JingleNog holiday presale collection. Items ordered will ship on or before October 31, 2021.

The Presently Clover Story

When placed within a Christmas arbor’s limbs,
this present of glittering shamrocks will sweetly sing,
of holidays past and of the lovely land of Ireland.
Deep in my heart lies the land of mist and green,
filling my mind’s eye with rolling hills, cliffs and seas,
stretching out as far as one can dream to see.
An eternal light emanates from this ancient land,
where much is left untouched by human hand.
Memories rest in the grandfather clock,
whispering old tales and secrets to a warm tick tock,
with this in my soul I will always walk.
They say wherever fate has blown you,
Eire always welcomes and knows you.
    • Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland
    • Sterling Silver Lined Hand Blown Glass Gift Box Christmas Tree Ornament
    • Exquisitely Hand Painted Four Leaf Clover and Shamrock Patterned Present with Green Ribbon
    • Special Keepsake Holiday Gift Box Decoration Trimmed with Czech Crystals and Gold Tassel
    • 3.75″
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